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Ming Chi University of Technology Holding International Workshop on Reliability for Advanced Technology

With the cooperation of National Taiwan University, Chang Gung University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the newly-established Center for Reliability Engineering (CRE), MCUT, held International Workshop on Reliability for Advanced Technology, on February 16, in order to enhance the reputation of the CRE. In the morning, invited speakers included Professor Rachid Yazami of Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Professor Michael Pecht of University of Maryland USA, and Dr. Chih-Hsun Chu, CTO of Materials Analysis Technology Inc (MA-tek). In the afternoon, the participants were divided into groups based on discipline for four parallel sessions, which were Reliability on Power Battery Devices/Systems, Reliability on Mechanical Devices/Systems, Quality Assurance/Control and Quality Engineering/Management, and Reliability on Electronics Devices/Systems.

The International Workshop on Reliability for Advanced Technology was held by the CRE and co-organized by Mechanical Engineering Department of NTU, Industrial Management Department of NTUST, Electronic Engineering Department of CGU, College of Engineering of MCUT, and Engineering & Technology Promotion Center, MOST, TAIWAN, ROC. It drew around 70 participants, who shared the advanced techniques of reliability, and ended with a group photo and a banquet.
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