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Director of the Center


Shyh-Chin Huang   (LINK)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:Development of Resistance and Vibration Damping Material Optimized Rotor System Vibration and Diagnostics, Vibration Control and Vibration Energy Capture

TEL:02-29089899 ext.4563

          02-29089899 ext.4505




Honorary Chair Professor

Cher-Ming Tan  (LINK)

Department of Electronic Engineering,Chang Gung University

Research Interests:Reliability Of Statistical Analysis Of Engineering Products, Reliability Test Design And Execution, Product Life Analysis


TEL:02-29089899 ext.4509                                 

          03-211880      ext.5952




Jin-Wei Liang  (LINK)

Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:Non-linear dynamics, vibration and control


TEL:02-29089899 ext.4516                         




Chun-Chen Yang  (LINK)

Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering

Research Interests:The major research efforts focus on alkaline DMFC, PEMFC, Polymer electrolyte membranes, Zn-air battery, Ni-MH battery, and Li-ion batteries, including LiFePO4, LiFeMnPO4, Li3V2(PO4)3 cathode materials, Li4Ti5O12 anode material.


TEL: 02-2908-9899 ext.4601                 




Jer-Huan Jang  (LINK)

Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:Hydrogen Production with Biomass, Performance Analysis of LiB, Numerical Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy Storage Technology, Electronic Cooling


TEL:02-29089899 ext. 4522                 




Chien-Chih Wang  (LINK)

Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Research Interests:Machine Vision Inspection、Quality Engineering、Six Sigma、Statistical

Analysis in Data Mining


TEL:02-2908-9899 ext.3106                




Hsien-Chin Chiu  (LINK)

Professor in the Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering 

Research Interests:Microwave, millimeter wave integrated circuits, GaAs and GaN FETs fabrication and modeling


TEL:03-211880 ext.3350                 




Yueh-Ru Yang  (LINK)

Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:Power Electronics, Mechanical and Electrical Integration, Switching Power Supply 


TEL:02-29089899 ext.4567                





Chi-Yao Wu  (LINK)

Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests:Green Energy Conversions and Applications, Battery Test and Management System


TEL:02-2908-9899 ext.4811                 




Jin-Chee Liu  (LINK)

Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:Solid mechanics, damage mechanics, finite element analysis, computer-aided engineering analysis


TEL:02-29089899 ext.4569                 




Pin-Yi Chen  (LINK)

Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:Multiferroic ceramic material, sensor applications


TEL:02-29089899 ext.4566                 




Dao-Yi Huang  (LINK)

Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:Vehicle Energy Engineering, Vehicle Repair Professional, Business Service Management Depot


TEL:02-29089899 ext.4565                 




Chun-Der Cheng  (LINK)

Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Research Interests:Material bonding technology, solidification theory, single crystal casting implementation


TEL:02-29089899 ext.4528                 



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