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Q & A

Q1. What is reliability engineering?

A: Reliability engineering deals with the estimation, prevention and management of high levels of engineering uncertainty and risks of failure during a project’s lifecycle.


Q2. What is the main research focus of the Reliability Center?

A: The establishment of Research Center on Reliability Engineering at MCUT is to provide interdisciplinary resources on research, service, and education in reliability engineering. Special emphasis is put on:

    1. Electrical Vehicle and Battery

    2. Rotor Intelligent Prognostics

    3. Medical Device and Electronics

    4. Quality and Big Data Analysis


Q3. How many members are there in the Reliability Center?

A: The center's research and development team consist not only of over 10 core research faculty members from within the university but also includes professors and scholars from both domestic and international institutions, as well as postdoc and engineers.


Q4. What equipment does the Reliability Center have?

A: The center provides the following equipment: rotor prognosis, electrical measurement system, battery tester, high magnification 3D confocal microscope, ATR-FTIR, thermal scanning system, thermal resistance measurement system, glove box with gas purification system, AFM-Raman, acoustic microscope and etc.


Q5. Which companies or institutions does the Reliability Center cooperate with?

A: The main partners of the center is Formosa Plastics Group, plus many other manufacturers in the electronics and mechanical industries.


Q6. What is the application procedure for using high-value instruments at the research center?

A: Please contact the teacher in charge of the equipment and then fill out the reservation form on the Center’s website.


Q7. How can I make a reservation for measurement services?

A: Please contact the teacher in charge of the equipment and then call the Instrument Service Desk of Reliability Center to make a reservation at (02)2908-9899 ext. 7201


Q8. Does the Reliability Center have work-study internship opportunities?

A: The Reliability Center provides 1~2 work-study internship positions every year.


Q9. Where is the Center for Reliability Engineering located and what are its service hours?

A: The center is located on the 3rd floor of the Green Battery Building at MCUT. It’s service hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Q10. How do I contact the Reliability Center?

A:  TEL:886-2-2908-9899 ext.7200



     Address:84 Gungjuan Rd., Taishan Dist. New Taipei City 243303, Taiwan