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     Reliability engineering deals with the estimation, prevention and management of high levels of lifetime engineering uncertainty and risks of failure. On the other hand, we have all learned from photographs of laptop fires and aircraft fires that Lithium ion energy cells can be potential incendiary devices. Theses energy cells are based on highly reactive chemistry which under certain circumstances could result in thermal runaway and serious consequential physical damage. This can be particularly dangerous with large format traction batteries. Catastrophic failures, which are not caused by abuse, are mercifully extremely rare and tend to be random events such as contamination of the active chemicals.They can be characterized by a very low but fairly constant failure rate over the whole of the battery population. To this end, the establishment of Research Center on Reliability Engineering of Ming Chi University of Technology is to provide interdisciplinary resources on research, service, and education in reliability engineering. Special emphasis is put on:

(i) Modeling and pre-diagnostics of power battery failure

(ii) Defect and failure mechanism investigation of power battery & packs

(iii) Power management system of power battery.

    The mission of the Reliability Engineering Research Center is to attract top notch and interdisciplinary expertise and reap fruitful results in academic innovation, top journal publications, technology inventions and industrial corporation promotion.