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The Center for Reliability Engineering (CRE) was officially established in 2016 through a joint effort of the Board of Trustee of Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) and the Research Grants provided by then National Science Council (NSC), Taiwan. In order to enhance the efficiency and performance of the CRE, MCUT, a close collaborative relationship was built and maintained with the Center of Reliability Science and Technologies, Chang Gung University (CGU). The CRE is located in the 3rd floor of the Green-Energy Building, MCUT.



Center for Reliability engineering focuses on practical research problems regarding:

(1) the diagnosis and prognosis of mechanical systems and components, especially rotating machinery and rotor systems used in chemical industry.

(2) fault detection and prevention using automatic optical inspection (AOI) and image-processing techniques integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

(3) reliability and quality enhancement in medical systems and injection-molding manufacturing process.

(4) solutions (such as truck and ship surrounding-view systems) development and providing using wide-angle (more than 230o) fisheye image-processing techniques.

The mission of the Center for Reliability Engineering aims to carry out the interdisciplinary applied research with strong cooperation with industry sectors. To do so, top notch and interdisciplinary expertise are invited to attack real problems collaboratively. The center also cultivates young talents, by involving in the practical research projects, to assist on escalating the level of the machine/component reliability of domestic chemical industry. As such, the center hopes to reap fruitful results in academic innovation, top journal publications, technology inventions and industry-academia collaboration.